10 Years Ago These 11 Jobs Not Exist Yet


11 Jobs Not Exist 10 years before. I have shared some jobs that did not exist some years before did you agree with me.

Jobs Not Exist

List of 11 Jobs Not Exist

1. App Developer

This jobs only appeared along with Apple’s Iphone (2007) and Google Android (2008). Now there are more than six million apps in the market and as much App developer.

2. Social Media Manager

Social Media platforms created from the mid of the 2000s let to this new role. Google September 1998, Facebook founded February 2004, Twitter found March 2006, Yahoo March  1995.

3. Uber Driver

The first drivers for ride-hailing companies started work in March 2009. In 2016 Net Revenue 1.1 Billion. Worldwide, 570 cities.

4. Driverless Car Engineer

Autonomous cars need engineers, mechanics, and Al experts.

5. Cloud Computing Specialists

Today half of US businesses use cloud services a term first used in 2006.

6. Big Data Analyst

A Large volume of data as a result of growing computing power made this job necessary.

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7. Sustainability Manager

Even companies outside the green sector now need to consider their environmental impact.

8. Youtube Content Creator

Video blogging became a career a few years after Youtube started in 2005.

9. Millennial Generational Expert

With the millennial coming of age, companies needed to understand how to engage with them.

10. Drone Operator Jobs Not Exist

There could be 100,000 now jobs in the drone market by 2025.

11. SEO Expert Jobs Not Exist

Then years ago there is no concept of SEO, but now there is a big number of SEO expert in the market.

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