Thursday, August 5

35 Reasons Why is Qatar next Target?

Why is Qatar next target, there are 35 solid reasons that Islamic countries are willing to assault through the third party on Qatar.

Why is Qatar next Target?

Qatar Next Target

 – The best per capita income in the world at the rate of 146 thousand yearly
 – The second nation on the planet in the number of millionaires approximately 30 thousand millionaires.
 – The primary Arab and fourth in the world in high-quality training after Japan.
 – The primary within the Arab world and sixth on the planet on the level of high quality of well-being.
 – First in the Arab world and ranked 20th on the earth within the struggle against corruption.
 – The second nation within the rate of security and the safer threat of terrorism.
 – The first Arab and 12 globally within the World Competitiveness Report.
 – The world’s first nation is ranked in the indicators of unemployment.
 – Qatari financial institution assets QR1.1 trillion.
 – Qatar is the biggest Arab bank with assets of about 520 billion riyals.
 – $300 billion sovereign funds involving 39 nations.
 – Vital shares in Europe’s largest banks Barclays and Credit score Suisse.
 – The world’s largest luxurious items retailer Harrods London.
 – Yearly spend $ 6 billion on scientific analysis projects.
 – Qatar Airways fastest rising world 170 planes.
 – Qatar Telecom operates in 17 nations with 107 million subscribers.
 – Qatar owns 28% of the towers of London, the capital of Britain.
 – All its residents are handled externally on the expense of the State.
 – The only nation on the planet where water and electrical energy are free.
 – The only nation on the planet that has no taxes.
 – Hamad Airport receives the title of the best airport on the planet.
 – The world’s first state within the unfolding of the optical fiber.
 – The world’s first nation in infrastructure indicators.
 – The first nation on the planet in nationwide financial savings.
 – The most secure nation in opposition to catastrophe danger.
 – The first Arab nation within the velocity of the Web.
 – The first Arab nation within the meals safety index.
 – The first Arab nation in human growth.
 – The first Arab nation within the growth of the capital market.
 – The first Arab nation within the airways.
 – The world’s first LPG manufacturing on the planet.
 – Owns the second largest fleet of gasoline transport on the planet.
 – Owns 15 billion barrels of oil sufficient for 40 years.
 – Owns 900 trillion cubic feet of gasoline is sufficient for 143 years.
 – Ranked 4th globally in petrochemical manufacturing.

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