5 Essential Apps to Use Every Day

By | Apr 28, 2017

Here are 5 Essential Apps, excellent multi-platform Google apps that you will find vital to your daily life.

5 Essential Apps

5 Essential Apps to Use Every Day

1. Google Maps – Travel anywhere

Google Map

Google Maps offers some of the most accurate and complete online maps in the world. The coverage has improved over the years thanks to a huge investment by Google and you can also use it to navigate anywhere. Current traffic conditions are a feature and so it can also be used in place of a commercial navigation solution. The level of detail for each establishment you locate is impressive, thanks to the connection to Google Search, and the Street View feature adds, even more, realism to the experience. No matter what type of mapping requirement you have, this is the ultimate solution for any occasion. It is quite brilliant.




2. Gmail Stay connected


If you use Gmail, you will want to download the associated app. It includes all of the major features you will find in the web version and is complementary in every way. When you send and receive messages on your phone, the entry is mirrored everywhere else and when you do the same on the web, your phone will immediately be updated. No longer will you be delayed when managing your email, no matter where you are, and it can make a huge difference to your productivity. Gmail works more efficiently that most competing products and this experience are mirrored perfectly on phones, tablets and other devices. Use Gmail anywhere.




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3. Photos Manage your photo collection


The Google Photos app gives you access to every image and video you have uploaded to the service and it is completely free provided each item falls below a specified size. You can sort your images to remember special occasions and you can even search using natural phrases such as colours and locations. This means that not only do you have a secure home for your precious memories, but you are much more likely to view photos from long ago thanks to the greater accessibility. The Photos app fits in perfectly and enables you to take advantage of every single feature when away from home. You will likely use it every day.





4. Search Find anything

Google Search

Search remains at the heart of the Google experience because the data it consumes and provides is utilized in many other prominent services. Whether you are using a mobile device or a desktop computer, you can search using just your voice and the results can be sorted and manipulated in a variety of ways. Images can be refined by size, articles can be set to only display for specific time frames and many other options are included such as location or media types. Ultimately, however, Google Search is still widely regarded as the very best in the business and once you start using it, it is hard to get used to competing options.





5. Music Every song you want

Google Music

Google Music competes well with the likes of Spotify and App Music and is perfectly capable of giving you access to any song you want to listen to. You can stream tracks from mobile devices and computers, and with the subscription service, you are able to also download tracks for offline playback. Playlists, albums, artists and other tools are used to keep everything organized and, as expected, it works consistently on every platform. Finally, the performance is astonishingly quick and almost always feels as though every track is stored locally on your device. If you love music and want to discover artists, try this.

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