5 Most Expensive Apps On The App Store

By | Sep 26, 2015

Paid apps may be on  decline, but a small % of the mobiles user is willing to fork out for high quality content, & Apple’s app store remain contains a selection of offerings for really large spenders.

Apple Store is the biggest app store in the world with more than 900,000 apps in total, consisting of both free  &  paid apps.  Although 90%  of ios apps are now free according to app   data    provider Flurry  some are the costly beyond imagination.

Here’s the name and images of 5 top costly Apps on App Store

  • VIP Black : It is Millionaire’s App VIP is an exclusive lifestyle application. Users are required to certify they are “highly net worth individuals” with assets & income in excess of £1 million.vip black


  • BarMax CA : It is created by Harvard Law School alumni as a project of final exam. This full version is available on the iPad and iPhone and allowing the users to study from  anywhere.barmax


  • Agro : It is the agricultural app. That’s teaches you about the agriculture. It is involve with producing food , making healthier food , managing environmental impact of agriculture & producing energy from the plants.agro


  • MobiGage NDI :It  is a metrology iPhone program. It is used for the inspection of manufactured parts. This app is designed to make a pair specifically with the Northern Digital  industrial measurement systems.MobiGage NDI


  • Preebs : It’s aims to produce the commute to work extra rewarding by giving the coupons  &  games  &  allowing the users to use the billboards they pass on their route to work.  This is the one of might be a scam.preebs
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