Air Multiplier Bladeless Table Fan

Air Multiplier Bladeless Table Fan


  • Very Safe to Children,don’t worry on safety
    Air Multiplier has no blades. It’s safe.
  • New Innovative Technology as No blades, No buffeting 
    Air Multiplier technology amplifies surrounding air,
    giving an uninterrupted stream of smooth air.
  • Convenient to clean
    The Air Multiplier fan has no awkward grilles or blades.
  • Easy Control Dimmer-switch
    The Air Multiplier fan has dimmer-switch control to precisely control to precisely adjust airflow power
  • Touch-tilt Function
    The Air Multiplier fan pivots on its own center of gravity, staying pit without clamping.
  • Good design to be friendly
    The Air Multiplier fan has a good design to be friendly at home, office or other usage.


  • Air Compressor
    A combination of the technologies used on turbochargers and jet engines generates powerful airflow.
  • Brush less motor
    Good energy efficiency. Variable rev count rather than limited settings on traditional motors.
  • Air intake port
    Up to 5.28 gallons of air drawn, in per second , generating primary airflow.
  • Power Switch
    Led for use in the dark
  • Wing-shaped Ramp
    Generates Maximum airflow velocity and volume
  • 1mm ring-shaped aperture
    A is forced out to create the annular jet.
  • 10mm airflow wing tip
    Directs more air towards you by focusing its exit angle.
  • Put it together easily
    Just push-fit loop amplifier to base, the twist.
  • Low down the centriod
    Base-mounted motor. Not top heat and unstable like conventional fans.
  • Sliding touch-tilt
    Pivots on its own centre of gravity,staying put without clamping.
  • Rotation control button
    Independent motor drives smooth 90 degree oscillation.
  • Volume control switch 
    Dimmer-switch control. Precisely adjusts airflow power


Price Only: 7,900

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