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Download SBP Test Material PDF Books with Test Pattern, consist on English, Mathematics, and current affairs. Banking Test Material Basic to Expert Level

Test Pattern

Tests (OG1 & 2) conducted by IBP
Total Marks: 100
Total Time: 120 minutes
Test Medium: All MCQs
Negative Marking: No
First you should know that there are 3 different sections i.e.
a. English Section (40)
b. Math’s & IQ section (30)
c. General Knowledge and Current Affairs Section (30)
You must pass all three sections separately, along with passing the test. The passing percentage of each section and aggregate (total) passing percentage is decided by merit of every batch. No one is sure what will be the merit. But it varies between 60 to 75 for each section and 70 to 80.
If you pass the test but fail in any section, you are failed.
Likewise if you pass all the sections but your total marks are lower that the aggregate passing marks, you still are not qualified.
Now come to the topic.

Download SBP Test Material PDF Books

  1. General Knowledge and Current Affairs:
    1a. General Knowledge:
    – Longest, Smallest, Highest, First, Largest in Pakistan e.g. First Woman CEO, Highest ATM, Longest Road in Pakistan etc.
    – Historical Locations
    – National Attributes of Pakistan (bird, animal, tree etc.)
    – International Organizations which Pakistan is a part of.
    – Dams, Barrages, Rivers, Mountain Peaks & Passes, Canals
    – Sports (Specially Olympics)
    – Famous names for cities e.g. Swat is known as Switzerland of Pakistan
    – Neighboring Countries
    – Population, Census, Economy & sectored
    – Banking knowledge (basic)
    – Important Personalities (e.g. Chief Justice of Pakistan, High Courts, Shariat Court, Federal Ministers, Heads of Institutions etc.)
    – Renowned Pakistanis
    – Major Country Currencies
    1b. Current Affairs:
    – Read major events of 2017 in Pakistan
    – Economic events
    – Sports & Olympics News
    – Economic Projects in Pakistan
    – State Bank related News
    – Any important figure who died ? Like Bano Qudsia was asked
    – Any incident / disaster this year? Like ATR PLANE CRASH was asked
    – Pakistan’s MOUs with different countries
    – Which countries PM visited recently?
    – About New PM & Cabinet
    – About JIT & SC BENCH
    – Important Economic Events
    – Economic Survey 2016-17
    – Banking Sector News
    – Economic figures?
    – Population Census 2017
    – Import Export facts
    – China related news
    – Army news
    – Govt news
    – Foreign news
    2.Maths & IQ:
    – Algebra
    – Statement Questions
    – Series
    – Ratio
    – Proportion
    – Time Distance
    – Exponentials Basics
    – BDMAS
    – Number properties (prime, composite, whole etc.)
    – Age problems
    – Basic calculations
    – Aptitude Questions (iq based)
    – Large figure multiplication
    – Supposition questions
    – Relation Question (A/27, B/37, then D/? Ans 57)
    – LCM, HCF, Sq. Root etc.
    This one is easiest part.
    3.English: (mostly fail in this part)
    – Comprehension Para
    – Synonyms
    – Antonyms
    – Sentence Correction / Completion
    – One word substitution
    – Idioms

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