Fees for Computerized NIC-CNIC


Fees for Computerized NIC / Smart NIC 

Application Categories
Fees (PKR)
CNIC Modification 1,000
CNIC Reprint/Lost 1,000
CNIC Renewal 1,000
Smart NIC Modification 1,500
Smart NIC Reprint/Lost 1,500
Smart NIC Renewal 1,500

Fees for NICOP / Smart NICOP 

Application Categories For Countries in Zone A1
Fees (PKR)
New NICOP 6,300
NICOP Modification 12,000
NICOP Reprint/Lost 12,000
NICOP Renewal 7,200
New Smart NICOP 10,500
Smart NICOP Modification 16,254
Smart NICOP Reprint/Lost 16,254
Smart NICOP Renewal 10,458
Application Categories For Countries in Zone B2
Fees (PKR)
New NICOP 3,675
NICOP Modification 7,200
NICOP Reprint/Lost 7,200
NICOP Renewal 4,200
New Smart NICOP 5,400
Smart NICOP Modification 8,700
Smart NICOP Reprint/Lost 8,700
Smart NICOP Renewal 5,400

Fees for Modification in Age

Type of Modification in Age Fees (PKR)
Difference in Age is less than or equal to 1 year 1,000
Difference in Age is greater than 1 BUT less than or equal to 2 years 2,000
Difference in Age is greater than 2 BUT less than or equal to 3 years 3,000
Difference in Age is greater than 3 years 5,000
Request for modification in Age for a 2nd Time 10,000

Fees for Delivery to Applicant’s Address

Location Fees (PKR)
Pakistan 100
Overseas 1,000

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