Find Which Android Phone is right for you


Find Which Android Phone is right for you

Hello Friends with too many Android phones to choose from, here is a great place to start. Answer three and more quick questions, and we shall suggest phones just for you. The selection of Android based phones is continuing to grow, which may result in too many choices when it is time for a new device. If youare not sure where you start when picking a new phone, Google has built a beautiful Web tool for phone that will guide you through the selection process.

You can choose as many as you did like. Pick one to start to find which android phone is right for you.

Taking photos

Listening to music

Being productive

Social media


Watching videos

Being on the go

Staying fit

Texting & instant messaging


Web browsing

Expressing my style

The website starts by asking which options you need the phone to do. After selecting main category, you will see a follow-up question on the next step. For instance, if you choose Taking photos, the tool will ask how often you take them (Not sure, 5 per week, 20 per week, over 40 per week). Some activities will have more than one follow-up question.

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