How to Find Zero Competition Amazon keywords


How to Find Zero Competition Amazon keywords. Easy Amazon will help you find Amazon products, in which there are people who are looking for reviews for them, but have a ZERO competition in the search engines. Select a category and Easy Amazon will check each item in it to find out if people are looking for reviews for this product, and then checks if someone evaluates the rating for this product. Read How To Make Money With Amazon

How to Find Zero Competition Amazon keywords

What is Easy Amazon?

Easy Amazon allows you to find products and products sold on Amazon, which have a zero-scoping competition on Google. If you are a member of the Amazon affiliate program, this tool can seriously increase your traffic and commissions.

How does Easy Amazon work?

Once you enter your Amazon category, Easy Amazon will scan each page, collecting all items and products. For each item, it checks if people are searching for reviews on Google using Google’s API-tips. If people are looking for reviews for the selected product / product, then Easy Amazon will send a search query “product name + recall”. For each result that is returned for this search query, Easy Amazon verifies whether they are promoting Amazon products. This allows you to find products and items that have a literally zero form in Google for reviews of products and products.

Why should I use Easy Amazon?

Easy Amazon can save you literally hours, even days of research on product / product keywords Amazon. How many times have you seen a wonderful subject in your niche that you want to see, just to see that Google is full of many targeted results for reviews of this product / product.

How does PBN Hunter work?
PBN Hunter works in the next room. If the owner of the website has a website (our target site) about a computer game called “Dead Man X”, they will create their own PBN web pages containing the term “Dead Man X”, either in the link reference text or in the text of the page.
The PBN hunter will take the term they are trying to evaluate (“Dead man X”), and clear every result from all the major search engines about the “Dead man X” that he can find. After he hides the page containing the term “Dead Man X”, he will check every outbound link on this page to see if its link to the target site is related.
If he finds a link to the target site, he will also check if the blocking site blocks backlinks, such as MOZ and Ahrefs.

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