FPSC Jobs (10/2017): 52+ Posts in Multiple Departments of Federal Government of Pakistan


Positions / Vacancies:

  • Chemist (BPS-17)
  • Assistant personal secretaries (BPS-16)
  • Assistant director (BPS-17)
  • Deputy Director (LEGAL) (BPS-18)
  • Fireplace officers (BPS-16)
  • Dietitian (feminine) (BPS-16)
  • Senior analysis officer (BPS-18)
  • Deputy Chiefs (gasoline) (BPS-19)
  • Assistant personal secretary (BPS-16)
  • Director (BPS-19)
  • Info expertise lecturers/instructors (BPS-16)
  • Drawing mistress (BPS-16)
  • Assistant professor (feminine) (Pakistan research) (BPS-18)
  • Assistant professor (feminine) (statistics) (BPS-18)
  • Assistant personal secretaries (BPS-16)
  • Senior drilling engineer (BPS-18)
  • Assistant personal secretaries (BPS-16)
  • Assistant personal secretary (BPS-16)

Final Date: 16 October 2017

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