General Knowledge – World Famous Seaports

By | Jul 2, 2017

Zarinews share the best general knowledge material for you in both share online view on our website or in pdf version for free. Today I am sharing with your World famous seaports around the world. This General Knowledge is suitable for Latest Jobs, Papers, Testing Services Updates.

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World Famous Seaports

General Knowledge – World Famous Seaports

• Abadan is in Iran.
• Abadan is in Iran.
• Alexandria is in Egypt.
• Antwerp is in Belgium.
• Aqaba is in Jordan.
• Bandar Bushehr is in Iran.
• Bristol is in the UK.
• Cardiff is in the UK.
• Plymouth is in the UK.
• Le Harve is in France.
• Marseilles is in France.
• New Orleans is in the USA.
• Penang is in Malaysia.
• Penang is in Malaysia.
• Chalna is in Bangladesh.
• Dammam is in Saudi Arabia.
• Glasgow is in the UK.
• Hamburg is in Germany.

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