Give Glory to the Breaking Fast With Delicious Pizza

If you ordered a pizza restaurant in order to present the market is expensive, get a pizza out all the money, so be pizza at home in three to four rupees.

Pizza is very popular in the youth of today and they are ready to eat it with passion and taste for any occasion. Create your pizza too fast, they will all like it. We tell you the recipe to make pizza.

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Take note that the ingredients for making pizza in their list of groceries you should bargain.


Yeast: a tea spoon
Water: ½ cup
Flour eight ounces
Garlic Ginger tea spoon half (crushed)
Salt: a tea spoon
Chicken mince: a cup of steamed
Oil: two tea spoons
Red pepper: half teaspoon
Rye: half a tea spoon (ground)
Ketchup: four tablespoons
Cheese: 200 grams
Chinese spoon of tea
Onion: Cut a number, album

Making Pizza Recipe

  • Mix the yeast in water and leave for ten minutes. Then the flour, salt kneading together sugar and oil.


  • 10 minutes into bread bull covered with a soft cloth until they double flowers.
  • Take the chicken mince and mix it with mustard, pepper and salt. Heat oil and fry the ginger and put a bit of crushed garlic in it. Fry then put the chicken mince.
  • Fry the chicken mixed with a little ketchup.


  • Place the bread in the pizza tray. The little tomato ketchup spread on bread, then spread on bread baked mince of chicken.
  • Now cheese grater and spread on pizza.
  • Garnish top tastes can be customized by adding peppers, onions and olives.




  • Now cook the pizza for about 25 minutes before warm in the oven at 180 degrees temperature.

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And it is good pizza, or the help of a knife and do slice her warm.


It costs about two hundred bucks on a large pizza, and the pizza is the one thousand eight hundred and bill to be brought to market. In addition to home-made pizza will meet hygiene rules, which will also be the family happy and healthy.

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