Sunday, January 23

Government College Women University Sialkot

Sialkot : Vice Chancellor Government College Women University Sialkot Dr Farhat, Saleem said that women in the university town of Sialkot, Iqbal’s children have access to higher education opportunities at the local level. She said the Government College for Women University to reconcile modern education system is planned for the next 50 years. She said construction of the new campus of the University of the Punjab government to provide 200 acres of land application for final approval Minister Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif has been sent. She expressed hope that work on 100 acres of land you will soon be launched. She said the Higher Education Commission of the University of the NOC has been issued on April 23. But this year, funding from the Higher Education Commission of the University which was not lack of funds. She said the university four years BSc honors 19 new programs have been introduced and every program has admitted 120 were Taliban. She has been the hallmark of merit at the University faculty recruitment and admission of students have been on merit. She said the university due to lack of rooms and the staff were more than 2 section. Through the media Sialkot Sialkot cmbr Commerce appealed to philanthropists and the University take part in the development forward. She is capable of changing the destiny of the university Sialkot. She said the institute faculty staff have been included in the 17 PhD and PhD are ready to come. She believes they are research-based study. She said the modern laboratory in the absence of other University Allama Iqbal Open University, University of Peshawar, Pakistan yurnyusty Park and the contracts were signed. She said lack of transport other university students facing difficulties in study tours. She said their morale is high despite limited resources. She said the university teaching staff has been making peace among groups and the staff is more harmonious. The institution-building and development staff is working day and night to resolutely. The weekly work plan to improve the quality of education is built. She Sialkot lack of talented and deserving students. She said the students will be given the opportunity to prove that he is any less in the educational field.

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