How to get rid face fat


Effective and best ways to get rid from your face fat

Face Is Very First Impact For others  . When We Talk About Appearance, The Face Is Certainly The Most Astonishing Body Part That People Notice First. It  Is No Enough  To Just Dress Up , Skin Freshness Or Pamper Yourself .

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Be Fair  With Your Face Fitness  .  How To Reduce Weight From Your Face Or Neck ???……..
1.Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drinking Water :  Take A Right Quantity Of Water In Your Daily Routine  8 To 10 Glass Preferably Of Warm Water.


Water, The Universal Solvent Has A Property That Helps In Removing All The Harmful Toxins .Drinking Lots Of Water Keeps You Well Hydrated And Also Keeps Your Tummy Full, So That You Avoid Filling It Up With Junk. Remember, That Instead Of Drinking Fruit Juice, If You Rather Drink Water.

2.Eat Right Food Or Balance Diet 

One Important Step For Losing Weight Avoid To Much Food  . Whole Grains Must Be A Compulsory Addition To Your Daily Diet. Like  Iron, Calcium And Other Minerals Are Also Absolutely Essential To Make You Feel Relax  And Fresh All Throughout The Day. Skipping Food Is Only Going To Worsen The Situation And It Only Affects You Adversely As When You Tend To Skip A Meal, The Body Goes Into Fat Accumulation Mode, So


The Purpose Of Missing Food Is Lost. Your Balanced Diet To Be  Included:

  •         Green Leafy Vegetables
  •         Whole Grains
  •         Skimmed Milk
  •         Soya Beans
  •         Lean Meat
  •        Fishes
  •        Fruits
  •       Food Containing Iron, Calcium And Minerals

The Normal Calorie Requirement For Males Is 2500 Calories While For Females, It Is Around 1500 Calories. However, Just 100 Grams Of Sugar Contains 387

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Try To Avoid Oil, Bread , Chips,  Sugar, Salt, Burgers, Pizzas, Rice .Include Fresh Fruits , Vegetables, Meat, Skimmed Milk. You Are Cutting Out On All The Sugar And Extra Calories.

3.Chew Gum

Chewing  Gum : Face Muscles Are Like Any Other Muscles Of Our Body.  The Best Way To Exercise Cheek Muscles Is To Chew A Gum. But Try The Non-Sugar Variant As The Extra Sugar Can Nullify The Effort. Chewing Gum For 2 Hours Every Day Is Quite Sufficient For An Average Adult.


It Is Easy And Normal Way To Get Loss Weight From Cheek Or Face  . Take This Exercise When  You Are Busy Or Can Be Do Your Normal Routine Work

 4.Chin Lifts Exercise

The Chin Lift Exercise Is A Great Way To Get Rid Of A Double Chin. It Assists In Working And Stretching Most Of The Facial Muscles Which Includes Jaw, Throat And Neck. But Make Sure Not To Use Any Other Facial Muscle Other Than The Lips While Doing This Exercise. You Can Perform This Exercise Either In The Sitting Or Standing Position. Begin By Tilting Your Head Towards The Ceiling, Keeping Your Eyes Fixed Towards It.


Repeat This Exercise 10 Times Daily Or Hold It 10 Seconds .

5.Face Exercises

The Face Muscles Constantly Can Perform Wonders In Burning The Face Fat. Even Simple Exercises Like The Following Can Help.


  •   Making A Wide Big ‘O’ With Your Mouth, Holding Onto The Same For 30 Seconds, Relaxing, And Then Repeating It For 10-20 Times Be Extremely Useful.
  •   Puffing Up Your Cheek, Looking At The Roof, Maintaining The Posture For 30 Seconds, Relaxing And Repeating, Can Strengthen Your Jawline.
  •   Practicing The Letter ‘X’ And ‘O’ Repeatedly As Much As Possible Is Also Useful. The Asians Which Makes You Rotate Your Head And Shoulders, Are Extremely Helpful In Reducing The Fat On Your Face.
  • Apart From This, Just A Warm Smile Can Contract The Cheek Muscles And Hence, Can Act As An Exercise.

It Will Give You A Very Good Shape To Your Lips Or Face  And  Also Get Rid From Fat.

 6.Fish Face

The Fish Face Exercise, Also Like As “Smiling Fish Face” Is A Simple And One Of The Best Facial Exercises For Cheeks That One Could Do Anywhere You Like While Watching T.V, Busy In Your Routine Work ,  Or Listening  Song . It Will Be Helpful  In Toning And Spreading  Your Cheek Muscles And Lose Face Fat Fast

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  • Close Your Mouth And Press Your Lips Together.
  •   Blow Air Under Your Upper Lip, And Hold This Position For 10 Seconds.
  • Transfer The Air Towards Your Left Cheek And Hold The Position For 10 More Seconds.
  • Transfer The Air Towards Your Right Cheek, And Continue By Holding For 10 More Seconds.

Repeat This Exercise 10 To 15 Times In Daily Routine Or Hold It 10  Seconds

7.Jaw Release

Get Attractive, High Cheekbones And For Double Chin Reduction. It Helps In Stretching And Dealing The Muscles Around Your Lips, Jaws And Cheeks. Begin With Sitting Or Standing In A Straight Posture And Moving Your Jaw Just Like You Are Chewing While Keeping Your Lips Closed. Breathe In Deeply And Breathe Out While Humming.


Next, Open Your Mouth Wide With Your Tongue Pressed Within Your Bottom Teeth. Hold This Posture For 5 Seconds, Now Breath In And Out Again. This Makes One Repetition.

Repeat It 10 Times And Hold It 5 Second .

Avoid Things That Make Your Jaw Tense:

  •  Cradling The Telephone Receiver Between Your Shoulder And Jaw.
  •  Opening Your Mouth All The Way, As When Singing Loudly Or Yawning .
  • Clenching Or Grinding Your Teeth, Biting Your Lips, Or Chewing Your Fingernails. Try To Recognize When You Are Clenching Your Teeth, Then Relax Your Jaw And Separate Your Teeth.
  •  Clenching  Things  Such As Pens, Pipes, Or Cigars Between Your Teeth.

8.Lips Pull Exercise

The Lips Pull Is One Of The Most Effective Facial Yoga Exercises, It Will  Help You   In Lifting Up The Face Muscles And Take Away Years From Your Face, Offering You Look More Youthful With High Cheekbones Along With A Prominent Jaw Line.


It Can Be Do When You Are Standing Or Sitting Position With Your Head In The Normal Position. Now, Lift Your Lower Lip Up As Much As Possible By Pushing The Lower Jaw Out. You Are Sure To Feel The Stretch And Strain Build In The Chin Muscles And Jaw Line. Stick With This Posture For 10 To 15 Seconds And Repeat It 10 Times.

Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.  ~Doug Larson

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