How To Make Money with Dailymotion


How To Make Money with Dailymotion

Hi friends, Today i am going to tell that How To Make Money with Dailymotion videos.The good thing is this article have the ability to show you that how to make money with dailymotion with easy steps. I ‘ll give you complete guidance about the Dailymotion money making very easily. Basically this site is relatively a brand new alternative of  youtube to make money online with the help of videos and DailyMotion have their own videos monetization platform for the owners of the videos . They have publisher program for their users to make money online from videos.It is really a smart thing as everyone does not need to sign up separately on individual basis with an advertising platform (Just like Adsense) to monetize videos. The only downside of the new for this  monetizing program is that,there do not seems to be too much Advertisers using this platform. Low number of Advertisers means less making money chances online for the content creators and publishers.

Basically Dailymotion offers 2 types of programs to make money sharing videos:

  1. DailyMotion official program
  2. DailyMotion Publisher program

DailyMotion official program

How To Make Money with Dailymotion

No doubt, This program is for only the content owners or content creators to monetize videos they have created. The interesting thing is that, They presents 70% of the revenue share to their official program partners of His/her videos. So signup to become the official user by visiting below link:

Apply for the Dailymotion official program

Dailymotion publisher program

How To Make Money with Dailymotion

DailyMotion publisher program is especially created from Dailymotion to make money online for websites or blog and also for social media fans pages owners. Simply you share thousand of videos through your publisher account and you ‘ll be awarded by the generated revenue, If you have any fan page of  Facebook with huge amount of fans and also same on twitter than you can use this program easily and also you can make money from this program. You can also share videos on your website or blog using this program to make money online With videos. So Lets Signup DailyMotion publisher Account By visiting this below link:

Apply for the Dailymotion Publisher program

How It Work See This Video

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