How to Redeem and Use Google Play Store Credits In Restricted Countries


How to Redeem and Use Google Play Store Credits In Restricted Countries

Google Play Store has AN choice to redeem coupon codes for Play Store credits. These coupons square measure given out as a district of the many Promotions that Google launches from time to time.

But majority of its users square measure unable to require advantage of those credits as a result of their country doesn’t support Google note case primarily based payment or redemption of Promo Codes.

The main reason being the Promo codes sometimes add the credits in $s however the country’s currency can be one thing else. Like Rupees in Asian nation.

Then you get a mistake like “This code can’t be ransomed from your country.”


There is a simple fix for this issue. I assume you already have a Promo code to redeem using this method.

Let’s get started.

Redeeming Google Play Store Credits on a Non US Google Account.

Step 1. Sign in to

Step 2. Click the gear (Settings) icon in the top right corner.

Step 3. Under “Personal Information,” click Edit next to your “Home Address.”

Step 4. At this point, if you have a valid US address just enter it and click on Save, else visit FakeNameGenerator and use a random, bogus US address from there.

Step 5. Update your address and click Save.

Step 6. Open Google Play Store on your Android device > Click on the 3 horizontal bars on the top left corner > Scroll down and click on Redeem.


Step 7. Enter your Promo Code and it will ask you to confirm your Google account password. Just enter it and your credits will be added.

Although you can change your address back to your original one after the credits are added, but you still need to have a US address in order to purchase Apps from the store using the credits.

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