How to Register New Company in Pakistan

By | Dec 17, 2017

Want to Register a New Company in Pakistan, here are some major detail about the companies ordinance of Pakistan 2017. I am here to describe how to register new company in pakistan. Read More: World Top 10 Expensive Stocks You Don’t Know

How to Register New Company in Pakistan

If only one member forms a private company, it is called one member company.

The first step towards the establishment of the company is the submission of a joint or separate application for reservation of the name and registration of the Company either through e-services or in physical form in accordance with the formats specified in the Company’s (Registration) Rules for 2017 (the “Regulatory Acts”) .

Promoters can accept a standard memorandum and charter, available at the following link:

Memorandum and Articles of Association

The consolidated application must include three proposed names in order of priority, of which any can be approved by the registrar.

Before applying for a company registration, please first check this name using the links below to make sure that the proposed name meets the following conditions, as stipulated in section 10 of the Companies Act 2017:

  • It is not identical or not similar to the name of any existing company;
  • It’s not inappropriate or deceptive;
  • This is not undesirable, ie, it includes the name of a registered trademark or trademark,includes any word or words that are offensive to any section of people; it is identical or resembles or resembles the name of a registered private limited company or any other word that in the registrar’s opinion is undesirable;
  • It is not intended to use the religious sensibilities of people;
  • It does not contain a forbidden word.


  1. For online submission, the user must create an account (username and password) in the e-Services user registration system and create a PIN to sign the application.

 Log on to eServices Portal using user name and password.

  1. Submit application before 10:00 a.m. for same day processing.
  2. Enter data in online form.
  3. Sign the form using PIN.
  4. Submit the process.
  5. Make payment through credit card, debit card or online fund transfer (MCB and UBL account holders only).

You may also take print out of the fee challan and deposit in the selected branch of MCB bank or UBL.


1.Generate manual challan from the following link Challan.
2. Fee for participation in designated affiliates MCB or UBL.
3. Send the application along with the Initial Contribution of the Applicant for the Registrar to the relevant CRO.


A full application together with a brief memorandum and charter submitted at 10:00 am on any working day will be sent on the same day and sent after 10:00 am on the next business day.

Sample Security Questions

 What Road did your best friend in secondary/high school live on?
 What is the

middle name of your eldest child?
 What was the first name of your Grandfather?
 What was the name of the first company/office you worked for?
 What was the primary school you attended the most?
 What is your oldest maternal cousin’s fist name?
 What isthe name of city, where you born?
 What is your home landline telephone number?
 What is your favourite fruit in summer?
 What is your engagement date?
 Which country you wish to visit again?

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