How to View Saved Wi-Fi Password on Windows 10

By | Jan 17, 2016

There can be a lot of reasons as to why you might want to know the Wi-Fi password for a network you are currently connected to or you have connected in the past. Either your friend wants to know the password for the cafeteria you regularly visit, or you just want to know the password of the Wi-Fi at your friend’s place who would not tell you and prefer typing it. Here is How to View Saved Wi-Fi Password on Windows 10.

View Password of Network You are Connected in Past

The trick I am going to show you right now has been documented on Windows 10. But it also works on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. When you are connected to the network, right click on the Wi-Fi icon on the Windows System Tray and click on Open the network and Sharing.

How to View Saved Wi-Fi Password on Windows 10

Once the Network and Sharing Center opens up, it will list all the networks your computer is currently connected to under the Active Network section. Click on the Connections: <Wi-Fi Name> your computer is connected to and it will open the Wi-Fi Status Window.

How to View Saved Wi-Fi Password on Windows 10

Click on Wireless Properties in the Wi-Fi Status window and Wireless Network Property of the connected network. The page will show you the connection name and type and will have a Security tab you can click on.

How to View Saved Wi-Fi Password on Windows 10

The Network Security Key option will have the Wi-Fi password and you can check the option Show characters to make the password visible. Do not change any properties in here or it might mess up the connection and you can have trouble while connecting next time.

How to View Saved Wi-Fi Password on Windows 10

That was an easy solution to find the password to the network you are currently connected to. What if I share a secret using which you can get Wi-Fi password of networks you are not connected to anymore? if you face any problem just put comments..

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