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Installing Window 10 Technical Preview


A-O-A Friends Windows 10 is not yet ready. But we can use or try it anyway. Microsoft is making a technical preview version available to people through its Insiders program (registration Needed). Curious to try it behalf of yourself? Here is how to install technical preview version…

In a Nutshell: I cannot recommend you that install the Windows 10 technical preview version, or any other beta operating system, on your primary computer or some in same other PC’s.

If You want Got it? Here’s how to get it running anyway:-

Since we shall be installing the Windows 10 Technical Preview version, or a beta build, there are bound to be bugs errors and glitches. So you shall want to make sure that you back up your personal files in a separate location like USB or other cloud, unless you are installing the operating system on a play machine anyway, in which case, go wild.

If you are installing on a computer that you are currently using and that has Windows 8 on it, you will want to make sure that you have a recovery drive for your PC. A recovery drive is basically a copy of your computer’s most important files, so that if something goes haywire during the Windows 10 Technical Preview version installation, you can bring your computer back to its original state.

Creating a recovery drive

To make a recovery disk in Windows 8.1, type “recovery” into the Search box (pressing F3) in the Charms menu and click “Create a recovery drive.” Image as under: –

Installing Window 10 Technical Preview

Follow the onscreen instructions, plug your USB drive into your PC’s USB slot, or a hard disk driver through USB and save the recovery drive to the thumb drive.

Continue following the onscreen prompts, and your computer’s recovery drive will be saved to the thumb drive.

Updating your PC

Next Step, Now open the Charms menu and click the Change PC Settings button at the bottom of the screen.

Installing Window 10 Technical Preview

In this step Click Update and Recovery, then pass the next step Windows Update.

Installing Window 10 Technical Preview

Click Check Now, and Windows will automatically begin looking for any available updates.

Installing Window 10 Technical Preview

Download and install them as usual.


Becoming a Windows Insider Member

Here is the big step: authorizing your computer to run the preview of Windows 10 and then getting to see Windows 10 in action.

Before you can download Windows 10, you have to create a Microsoft account and sign up to be a Windows Insider.

You can create a Microsoft account by visiting

Installing Window 10 Technical Preview

If you have got a Microsoft account (anything ranging from your Windows PC account to your Xbox Live log-in), you can head over to Microsoft’s Windows Insider page and sign up to be an Insider.


Downloading Windows 10

Once you have signed up as an Insider, go back to the Windows Insider homepage and click Continue at the bottom of the screen, then Get the Preview at the bottom of the following page.


If you are installing Windows 10 on the computer you’re currently working on, click Start Upgrade Now.


If you want to save the file to a separate thumb drive to install it on a different computer, click Download the ISO Files instead.

An ISO file is a special file that contains all the information you need to install Windows 10.

Dealing with ISO files is not too difficult, but it does require a few additional steps. For more information on installing Windows 10 with an ISO file, check Microsoft’s Windows 10 installation page.

If you’re downloading the upgrade on the machine you’re going to be running Windows 10 on, just wait for the file to finish downloading.

Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview

Once the download wraps up, click the file to open it for installing, and the Windows Update screen will pop up and begin checking for updates.


A new Windows Update window will then open with a prompt that reads “Upgrade to Windows 10 Technical Preview.”


Click Install and then click Let’s Get Started on the next page, and the software will begin loading onto your computer.


Once everything is finished, your computer will restart and you will be greeted by the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview version. The entire installation process takes about 15 minutes, depending on how fast your computer and Internet connection are. Your personal files and existing programs should not be affected when you update to Windows 10, but it is best to back up everything anyway.

Now have fun exploring all the goodies included with Windows 10. And if you want to roll back your computer to Windows 8, just restart your PC and you will be met with the option to either start with Windows 10 or roll back to Windows 8 or 8.1. 🙂


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