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Make Hard Drive Partition Without Formatting

Hello Zarinews Visitor, Today I am going to post a tutorial on Make Hard Drive Partition Without Formatting. As you all know our all data stored in hard disk as we have to create partition of our hard disk during the first installation of OS.

Sometimes you feels disappointed with your partition of hard disk. You want to create a new volume or extend some volume. For this are you going to re install the windows and format all data and then re partition the hard disk ?

You need to lose your data while making new drives? Well the answer is no, you did not want to lose you all data. So then how you will make hard drive partition without formatting it ? Well the Microsoft windows has a feature of Disk Management which let you to Extend, Shrink, Delete, Change drive letter etc.

So Lets start the tutorial:-

Make Hard Drive Partition Without Formatting :-

Step No 1.

First of all you need to open the Administrative Tools. For this open control panel then change your Icon view to Large Icons from the Top right corner. After this click on Administrative Tools and open it.

make hard drive partation without formatting


Step No 2.



After this click on Computer Management and open it new windows will opens on the screen.

make hard drive partation without formatting


Step No 3.

In the new opened window click on option of Storage option and open it.

Step No 4.
Then just simply open Disk Management. Now wait until you all local volumes loads.
make hard drive partation without formatting
There is a Short Method to open Disk Management just by typing diskmgmt.msc in Run.
make hard drive partation without formatting
Step No 5.
Select The Hard Drive Partition As i Selected (Windows8_OS) Now Carefully enter the amount of space in MB which you want to shrink
Hint! Windows automatically give the space for making partition
Here I’m entering 101477 MB. After this click on Shrink button.
make hard drive partation without formatting
Step No 6.
After shrinking now there is time to create new volume from the shrinked space ( unallocated/free space ). For this the free avialable space will appears in bottom panel now click on it and then click on New Simple Volume
Done Now Put a Name on Drive and use it. If you that this tutorial useful please leave a comment or if you have any problem share your problem for solution.


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