NBP Jobs Test Material, IBP Jobs Test Material For All Tests


Preparing for and doing well on the NBP Jobs Test Material, IBP Jobs Test Material, lets you share something best with you. You can do it, but you’ll need to prepare by creating a solid study plan, selecting the right test materials, and knowing what to expect before, during, and after your test day. All the Material Compiled in PDF version. Click on Download Link To Download in PDF.

NBP Jobs Test Material

How to Apply in: NBP JOBS; LATEST NBP JOBS 2017; Trainee Officer, GBO, Cash Officer

NBP Jobs Test Material, IBP Jobs Test Material, Other Jobs Test Material

1. NBP Past Paper

Download NBP Past Paper

2. Sample Test Paper

Download Sample Test Paper

3. Material Regarding IQ Level Questions

Download IQ Related Material 

4. Material Regarding General Knowledge 

Download General Knowledge Related Material 20/07/2017

5. Material Regarding English

Download English Related Material

6. Material Regarding Economics

Download Economics Related Material

7. Material Regarding Banking

Download Banking Related Material

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  1. Ahmad Aman 17 June, 2017 at 23:05 Reply

    Dear Zaryab you are doing a good job I really appreciate you and your efforts for the knowledge sharing to others and giving your precious time.
    I am trying to download the material for NBP but it’s not downloaded in my area I try it many times but its fail with zip file.Can you direct email this material in MS Word format? I will be very grateful to you for this act of kindness.

    Thanks ,
    Regards ,

  2. Zain ul Abidin 24 June, 2017 at 22:46 Reply

    Salam alaikum bhai zaryab. App waqiye bht acha kam kar rahay hain allah pak apko jaza.e.ekhair atta karay. Mujhay bhi material download me ik issue ara hai chota sa…i hope you can solve it easily.
    Material regarding banking is not working bhai

  3. FATIMA ABRAR 29 June, 2017 at 13:14 Reply

    Can anybody help me in sending notes from the portion of GK. I am unable to download it. Thanks in advance

  4. FATIMA ABRAR 29 June, 2017 at 22:06 Reply

    I have tried many times but facing same issue again and again …. I will be thankful if you help me to resolve this issue. there is virus and everytime I get the same report

  5. Saad 13 July, 2017 at 15:03 Reply

    where is the test venue in Karachi ??
    will the test be conducted at:
    The Institute of Bankers Pakistan Molvi Tamizuddin Khan Road, Karachi ??

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