nokia 3310
nokia 3310

Today the internet reminds us how times have changed with the 15th anniversary of the Nokia 3310.

The device is remembered fondly as a phone that was tough as a brick, had week-long battery life and for the frustratingly addictive game Snake II.

Launched on September 1, 2000, the Nokia 3310 was released later on that year and more than 126 million models were sold worldwide between its launch and 2011.

The hardy phone with its monophonic ringtones has internet users reminiscing about the mobile today, and comparing it to today’s Smartphone.

Many users maintain the 3310 is the ‘greatest phone of all time’ and say its battery life is unrivalled by today’s iPhone.

Users could customise the phone with interchangeable covers, and thousands of different designs were available – local markets always had hundreds of options.

The phone had a monochrome display and had many features that were rare at the time including a calculator, a reminder, four games and the ability to send text messages up to 459 characters.