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Is it permissible to interfere with pregnant wife?

Is it permissible to interfere with pregnant wife?

Is it permissible to associate with a pregnant wife unless the wife does not feel hurt with permission to compromise and is not afraid of getting pregnant. Sharia does not prohibit pregnancy from pregnant wife.

Any appropriate and safe way can be adopted physically for pregnant women. Sharing the monster It is permissible for a woman to be pregnant and fasted during pregnancy and fasting.

It is permissible for a woman to stay free from birth or after a few days after the birth of a child. There is no restriction in the process of intercourse with a pregnant wife. Carefully be careful of what we are doing.

It is the meaning of “Hadith Sharif” that, “Every one of you enjoys forty days in his mother’s womb (sperm) That’s the same. Then, in essence, Allah sends the angel and orders four things. Sustainability, age, good luck or misery. ‘ Islam is a theory of conflicts that you can take precautions regarding confiscation of the necessity of necessity. But, perhaps, it is not in view of the Western civilization civilization.

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They look at it with other blessings. For example, economic issues. Avoid social responsibilities and spread out pornography. It is obvious that the idea is of Islamic law and temperament. They say people will starve hungry population.

Social security issues will be impossible to overcome. Some of which can be seen today. Understand Muslims for Allah that the solution to economic and social issues is not that you control the population.

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People’s poverty is not because population is high and resource resources are low. no way. Even today, the resources of the world are not available to the people. The fact is that there is no reduction in the power of power.

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