How to remove usb shortcut error – usb error solution

By | Jun 17, 2017

Read how to remove USB shortcut error .Get your data safely from USB drive

Apple USB DriveHello friends i have a new and good trick for you. How to remove USB shortcut error. Due to this error you can open your USB drive data (documents,movies, songs etc). But you cannot read this data  (you cannot copy past the shortcut affected files from USB flesh to PC or any other place) for copy.

Few people make first folder in the USB, than save their data in that folder to save from shortcut error because in this case folder is affected by the shortcut error but your data is save.But if your data is affected with shortcut error than you cannot copy it. when you copy or drag your file or data you only get this shortcut.

Therefore i decided to post a trick for you. “How to remove USB shortcut error”. You can remove this error by following simple steps.

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1. Press  window + R to get run window.

2. Type cmd to get command prompt.

3. In cmd write USB drive address  eg. E: , G: , F:  etc . After giving pen drive address press enter command is moving to USB drive .

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4.Now type  del *.link and press enter

5.  If USB drive is  not have shortcut error than cmd show as.

6.If shortcut error is found in your drive than it show as..

7.Now  type  attrib –s –r –h *.* /s  /d  /l  . Please place all spaces between the codes.

Now you can see your  files which are affected by shortcut error  in the USB drive .

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Warning : This tricks only remove shortcut error from the usb drive (pen drive, flesh). It cannot remove from computer drives.

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