Sunday, May 16

Ronaldinho and Friends 7 Footballer in Pakistan To Play Football Matches

Islamabad: The world-renowned 7 footballers reached Pakistan and the top officials of the Army Staff welcomed the players. Ronaldinho Friends Pakistan officially.

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Ronaldinho Friends Pakistan To Play Football Matches

World-renowned 7 footballers reached Pakistan, all the players reached Islamabad via special flights, where the high-ranking officials of the Pak Army welcomed the players.

Players include Guccoronealdino, Brazil, and Robert Pears, while Britain has reached Dubai to Islamabad through the special flight of Carrie Gags, David James, Nicole Anne of France, George Boating of Holland and Portugal’s special flight. All the players were taken to the private hotel in Islamabad’s most severe security.

According to sources, the players will return to Rawalpindi, where high military officials are expected to meet, all the players will be sent to Karachi in the afternoon.

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