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Start New Business Bitcoin Mining in Top Bitcoin Mining Companies List

Flashy start-ups, such as Coinbase, Circle, Blockchain and BitPay, are some of the top famous mining companies in bitcoin. Start New Business Bitcoin Mining in Top Bitcoin Mining Companies List. Read More: How to give Bitcoin as a gift

But, perhaps more important are miners – people and organizations that make up the core of bitcoins, ensuring the integrity of the digital currency.

Start New Business Bitcoin Mining in Top Bitcoin Mining Companies List

Bitcoin works on the block, the decentralized and public ledger of every transaction made on the network. Offering computational power in relation to this, users get a chance to win bitcoin – creating an arms race for miners who are going to gather more and more complex and powerful equipment to “get” a new bitcoin.

13. BitMinter — 0.78%

A veteran pool, BitMinter was founded in 2011 by the Geir Harald Hansen. Bitcoin digital wiki said, it has own servers in the USA and in Europe.

12. 8baochi — 0.86%

Bitcoin flourishes in China, and 8baochi is one of the smaller basins of China to make a list. Alternative offers litecoin mining, which is low popular digital currency.

11. BitClub Network — 1.35%

As like some other mining pools, BitClub Network does not open its inventor, saying only that it “is managed by a team of developers, digital development experts and entrepreneurs who have came together in MLM team from all over the world.”

For some users, it works like a cloud pool: users do not need to own their own equipment, just pay for renting some of the BitClub owned. However, miners with their own installations can also join the network.

10. — 2.01%

GHash.IO has been one of the largest and well-known mining pools since 2013. In June 2014, he briefly gained authority of 51% of the full bitcoin network. This majority control is perhaps the greatest threat for bitcoins, and demonstrates the power of miners when they become too big – he could rewrite the blockade, but he found it necessary, potentially deadly, unstable in this network.

9. 21 Inc. — 3.87%

In March 2015, when he announced that he had collected 116 million dollars (74 million pounds sterling), he made waves, which made him the best financing bitcoins. Investors included the main fund VC Silicon Valley Andreessen Horowitz, where 21Inc CEO Balaji also works as co partner.

This mammoth round came, despite a heavy secret, about what the company was even trying to do. When he stepped out of stealth mode in May, he announced that many already suspected that he was trying to introduce Bitcoin networking equipment into consumer products.

21Inc does not offer a public pool, and its chips are not yet available, but its own private equipment currently stands at just under 3.87% of the network.

8. Slush — 4.10%

Slush Pool Launched in November 2010, Slush Pool is the oldest open mine pool in the world and remains outstanding today. Its formal name is bitcoin-pool-mining.

In real life, Slash is Marek Palatinus, a programmer from the Czech Republic. The pool belongs to SatoshiLabs, which also manages a number of other digital currency projects.

7. KnCMiner — 4.29%

KnCMiner is a Swedish mining company. It was not worthwhile to get bitkoyn using standard consumer computer equipment for many years because of what type of processing power is involved; The vast majority of ordinary members of public pools will buy equipment from companies such as KnCMiner.

He collected in February 2015 a package B of $ 15 million. USA (9.6 million pounds sterling), headed by Accel Partners. He has his green credentials on his website and has data centers in Sweden, with extensions planned for Iceland and Finland.

6. Eligius — 4.86%

 Eligius company North American public bitcoin pool invented in April 2011. According to CryptoCoinsNews, its operator Luke Dashjr (or “Luke-Jr”) is a Roman Catholic who previously wrote religious messages on a detachment, a public book of all bitcoin transactions.St. Eligius, the namesake of the pool, is the patron saint of jewelers and collectors of coins.

5. BW Pool — 7.69%

BW Pool – one more Chinese pool. It almost has no advertisement in the English-speaking world, despite its size. He made a rare public statement in July 2015, when he signed a contract with Reddit in favor of increasing the block size – a technical issue being discussed by the bitkoy community.

4. BTC China Pool — 13.74%

Relative newcomer to the scene, BTCChina Pool is one of the biggest players, despite the fact that it just started at the end of 2014. This growth boils down to the fact that BTC China itself is one of the world’s largest bitcoin exchanges, and also offers a number of other digital currency solutions.

3. BitFury — 16.4%

BitFury is the best mining company in business, attracting $ 20 million ($ 12.8 million) in July 2015. It was, as CoinDesk notes, the third round in last 2 years, and now he raised $ 60 million ($38.4 million) in Total.

The launch is headed by Valery Vavilov, originally from Latvia. It does not manage as public pool, but it has already private mines in Finland, Iceland and the Republic of Georgia. Despite his notoriety in the mining industry, Vavilov insists that “we are not a mining company, I do not like the word” prey “.

Rather, he told the CoinDesk: “We are a technology based company, but now we are focused on bitcoins. BitFury perception in the next 3 to 5 years is to move in different areas of the world where computing power has value. We are trying to expand the areas of knowledge in which humanity needs a lot of processing power. ”

2. DiscusFish/P2Pool — 16.49%

This pool is Chinese known as DiscusFish- fish discus because of its logo buy officially known F2Pool Top Bitcoin Mining Company. He is ruled by Wang Chun and Mao Shihan, “two Chinese technology enthusiasts,” Chun told CoinDesk in September 2014. A representative told Business Insider that the pool does not have the equipment itself; 100% of its hash power comes from users.In July of this year, F2Pool produced the largest Bitcoin transaction, ever, to clear a spam attack of “dust” or tiny transactions of bitcoins, which, apparently, are intended to clog the system.

1. AntPool — 17.82%

AntPool is managed by Bitmain, a Chinese miner company, its headquartered is in Beijing. It boasts that its technology accounts for 57% of global bitcoin manufacturers. He also claims to be the largest miner in the world. Start New Business With Antpool.

Bitmain was launched in the first half of 2013, and founder Jihan Wu is the general manager.

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