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How to Stop WhatsApp from sharing your phone with Facebook

How to Stop WhatsApp from sharing your phone with Facebook

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WhatsApp proclaimed yesterday that it’d begin sharing some user information — as well as your sign — with parent company Facebook. the 2 corporations say the new policy can assist you realize friends and “improve your Facebook ads and merchandise experiences,” however it’ll conjointly provide businesses a brand new avenue to achieve potential customers, with WhatsApp describing things wherever banks and airlines can use your sign to urge in contact concerning dishonest payments or delayed flights.

WhatsApp has secure that it will not sell or share that number with advertisers, however if you continue to balk at the concept of golf shot your sign wherever a legion of hungry brands might probably see it, you are in luck — you’ve got still got an opportunity to prevent WhatsApp from handing Facebook this new information if you act quick. There are 2 strategies, as Motherboard notes, however the primary should be done before you settle for the electronic communication app’s new terms of service. instead of clicking “agree” blindly, press the smaller “read more” choice below, and uncheck the box that reads “Share my WhatsApp account data with Facebook…”

Don’t worry if you’ve got already accepted those new terms, but — you’ve got still got 30 to prefer. Head to the app’s settings menu, and so press the account tab. From there, you’ll be able to uncheck the box reading “Share my account info” to prevent providing Facebook along with your user information.

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