Top Five Best Free Antivirus Of 2017 |

By | Jul 19, 2017

Top Five Best Free Antivirus Of 2017

Antivirus does not  take a intelligent to tell that the bluff of viruses  have been growing rampant with the passage of the time . Their shadow looms over the entire internet.

Bluffing to plunge your own information , data and use it for maligned nuts and bolts  or simple disclosure to the public. Newer & latest  viruses keep growing up everyday there by making it principal to safe our system from the constant bluff posed by them.

Most of the  peoples should prefer to turn to the purchase Anti-viruses  such as Norton or McAfee  protect their system from harmful virus .

So i am telling you the name of antivirus that’s are the totally free of coast and that’s safe your personal data from the virus (bug).

The name of that’s anti-viruses with their images and their links  are as following :-

Platform: All types of  Windows  and Almost all Mac OSX versions.

I should prefer to all of my readers ; Avast over other free antivirus hands down. The flood of features that it boasts of sets it apart from all others. Easy installation . It’s benefits  are such as real-time safe of files, email, PC to PC transfers, web browsing , instantly messages  are a notch above your average Free Anti-viruses .


Platform: All types of  Windows  and Almost all Mac OSX versions.

There is no doubt that one of the most popular Free Anti-viruses  , AVG wants no reckoning. Further more the 2017 version of AVG Anti-viruses has been revamped to give a better user interface  . It is also one of the smallest Anti-viruses and also provides script virus protection . It has easy installation .


Platform: All types of  Windows  and Almost all Mac OSX versions or higher and  Android 2.2 or up .

Ranked as one of the best among Free Antivirus . Avira Anti-viruses boasts of exceptional finding process  and blocking rates. It has easy installation .It’s Offering seamless very fast scans and it also boasts of anti malware protection , anti spyware protection, browser protection (like Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox ) & cloud based scanning as well.


Platform: All types of  Windows   and  Android 2.3 or up .

Panda Cloud Antivirus software takes free anti-viruses to a complete  new and highly  level with its cloud based scanner. This Antivirus software is also lightweight (means no extra space) and runs of a local cache when the internet connection  is not available.

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Platform: All types of Windows .

Malwarebytes  antivirus is one of the best and most widely antivirus  and highly appreciated virus finding process solution.        It is very  pretty small, lightweight ( no extra space) . Many peoples use this anti-viruses to protect their data from the virus .


If you feel some other Free Anti-viruses would have made it to the list  Give us your suggestions below in comment box .

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