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Youth Phobia In Pakistan

Youth Phobia in Pakistan is on the Top. Youth is the asset of any state if the youth of any state is taking part properly in development of their state then it is obvious that the revolution is must there. In Pakistan the only hope for the state is our youth if we have a look on history,  we get an independent  Islamic state after countless sacrifices of our forefathers to attain the religion, cultural liberty and most Important peace. Even on that time the youth take part to get a independent state the example of this we quote is Allama Iqbal especially address with youth and tell them the importance of contribution of youth for any state.


The destiny of nations is vested with the individuals. Similarly every

person belonging to the Muslim Ummah is its destiny’s star.


So as we know unfortunately our beloved Pakistan is suffering from crisis nowadays and the only hope for the betterment of the Pakistan is our YOUTH. Pakistani youth is the revolutionary force but the sad part is our youth was not taking part for the betterment of the Pakistan. They are so busy in other aspects of life which are ruining our youth. Now the point which is raise what is the interests of youth that they are not taking part for the betterment of state. I am not talking about the whole youth but yes about the majority they are so busy doing those silly things and their daily routine which is not suit for our youth.

Youth  take part in every bad evil and think its cool. The mind sets of our youth are really disgusting. They are so busy for using social websites and criticizing the politicians or the others but if we ask you are criticizing on others but what is your are contribution for the state they seem answerless. So if we are not doing anything for Pakistan so we have no right to criticize the Pakistan or the people who are doing something for Pakistan. Moreover our youth mind set is sick if they are supporting some political party even that political party is not doing anything good for Pakistan so instead of criticizing on them they keep supporting them because they are supporting them anyway.

We get Pakistan on the base of religious liberty, now the need of time is we have to make it an Islamic state and for this purpose obviously Pakistani youth should take part and follows the rules and regulations of our religion but I am really feeling bad to write this that our youth and so called our HOPE are not following the Islamic values. This is now become a trend that every person have a girl or boy friend and this is prohibited in Islam. Moreover, music is common in our society. Youth is use to listen music and if we ask the reason they said its just for relaxation. So if we say we forget our norms and values of our religion we would not be wrong at all. And their so many things like drug addiction or parties which make me sad because this all things are not suit on our youth and also against the values of our society and most important religion.

Pakistan is on that point where we need Nation Builders on the name of youth not that silly group of people which are involve in shameful activities. Even if we look back at our forefathers we found many talented and brave people who do such amazing achievements that the whole world appreciate. And there is no doubt the Pakistani youth is very talented and brave all they need is the right way and some appreciation who motivate them.

If they change their interests and value their selves and do a small effort for their country the revolution is become destined of Pakistan. So if we want our Pakistan as a peaceful , prosperous state we have to take stand, we have to change our interest and instead of criticizing other we have to do something for our state.

In Pakistan, every politician making address to come in the Power, for example PTI is on the top of the list to get the attention of Youth. PTI is now meeting all over the Pakistan. PTI Chairman Imran Khan hit all the politician all over the Pakistan and told about their past and present and their future plan. I don’t know Imran khan is right or some other people making use of Imran khan hope for the good.

Credit goes to PTI (Imran Khan) because he was successful in participation of youth in election or now in PTI every Meeting. The latest successful was Lahore Meeting, Multan and Sargodha Meeting. Youth is looking every where in the meeting PTI next meeting in Gujranwala.

PTI supporter and youth support Amir Doghar In Multan Election. Amir Doghar beat Makhdoom Javeed Hashmi (Ex. Member National Assemble). Makhdoom Javeed Hashmi accept his lose. He also said that change can be come into just by Vote, and PTI and use this power to defeat the Javeed Hashmi.

Today Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal bhutto zardari starting his Political inning with with great meeting in Karachi. I saw a great crowd in Bagh-e-Janha. Bilawal bhutto zardari is also representing the youth phobia.

Now I told you all politician are meeting every where in Pakistan, PPP, PML (N), PTI, PAT, JUI and all other political parties.

Now Its in our hand to take Part in Pakistan State………



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