Youtube Strike System – Appeal Youtube Community Guidelines Warning Strike

By | Jul 3, 2017

Youtube Strike System – Appeal Youtube Community Guidelines Strike are issued when our reviewers are notified of a violation of the Community Guidelines Warning Strike included.

Youtube Strike System

Appeal Youtube Community Guidelines Warning Strike

  • Nudity & Sexual content
  • Violent & Graphic content
  • Dangerous & Harmful content
  • Hateful content
  • Threats content
  • Spamming
  • Deceptive metadata
  • Scams content
  • Copyright content (Read More Copyright Content)

Typically content is removed for causes other than Youtube Community Guidelines violations, similar to the safety of the user who posted a video, a first-party privacy complaint, courtroom order, or different non-malicious issues. In these circumstances, the uploader will not receive a strike and the account will not be penalized.

Youtube Strike System Appeal Youtube Community Guidelines Warning Strike

What happens if you receive a strike

If a strike is issued, you will get an email and see an alert in your account’s Channel Settings with details about why your content was eliminated (e.g. for Copyright content or violence). In the event you receive a strike, ensure that to evaluate the reason your content was eliminated and study extra in the Policy Center so that it would not occur again.

We understand that our users make mistakes and don’t intend to violate our policies — that’s why strikes don’t final ceaselessly. Every strike will expire three months after it’s issued.

While you have a strike in your account, you might not have access to some features on YouTube. You’ll be able to see what features are energetic in your account’s Channel Settings.

Multiple strikes

The primary Community Guidelines strike on an account is considered a warning. In the event you receive more than one strike in the identical three-month interval, this is what happens:

  • Second strike: In case your account receives two Community Guidelines strikes within a three-month interval, you won’t be capable of submitting new content to YouTube for 2 weeks. If there are no additional issues, full privileges shall be restored routinely after the 2-week interval. Every strike will stay in your account and expire individually. three months after it was issued.
  • Third strike: In case your account receives three Community Guidelines strikes within the three-month interval, your account will be terminated.

Appealing strikes

When you believe that the content material was removed without simply trigger, you can appeal the strike in your account.

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