zong call packages


Zong call packages

zong call packages

Zong Flutter

Flutter Promotion @ Rs. 6/day+tax

  • 90 free minutes
  • 100 SMS
  • 1 free Out Going Off-Net minute on 3 In Coming Off-Net minutes
  • Flutter Lounge
  • Call Block Service
  • Women specific gifts every month up to 500,000 through Lucky Draw

Flutter Package

Below mentioned is the default package details:

Zong to Zong Rs. 1.6/minute + tax (per minute pulse)
Zong to other network Rs. 1.6/minute + tax (per minute pulse)
SMS to any network Rs. 0.8/SMS + tax
Happy Hour Rs. 5 + tax per hour daily (flexible hours) only for one hour
Zong Friends & Family Numbers 5 dynamic numbers (usage based) OR top 5 F&F from existing list in case of migrations
Zong Friends & Family Rate Rs. 0.35/minute + tax
MMS Rs. 3/300KB
Mobile Internet Rs. 10/MB

Call setup fee of Rs. 0.10+Tax is applicable.

Other than the above mentioned package details, the following will also be available in the default package.

Customers subscribing to the Flutter Package will automatically be subscribed to the promotion as well.


Perfect Package

Keeping alive the innovative campaigns and value offers for our customers, we have planned special & exciting campaign that will cater to your needs in the best yet economical manner

All Together Bundle Promotions

  • Free on net call except 7pm-10pm
  • 500 FREE SMS
  • 100 FREE MMS
  • 5 MB Mobile Internet
  • Bundle price : Rs 12+tax daily

How to Activate

  • Dial *717# to subscribe or
  • Send SUB or a blank SMS to 7171 to subscribe

How to Deactivate

  • To un sub from bundle: send unsub to 7171

Note: Call setup fee of Rs. 0.10+Tax is applicable.



You Make Calls- We DROP Rates!

After launching many successful services we can very proudly say that for us, ‘Customer Satisfaction’ comes much before anything else! Keeping the tradition alive to extend the best services & offers to its customers, Zong now brings Fast-50, a special package rewarding subscribers with fabulous tariff discounts each time on usage on any network!

Fast-50 is an innovative Package offering a solution to reward our subscribers with instant & guaranteed discounts upon increasing their usage and offering tariff as low as Rs 0.5/30 sec on any network!

With the Fast Fifty package, everyone can enjoy calling at the lowest and the best calling rates offered so far in the industry. All you need to do is keep on calling and accumulate usage

The service is simple! The more the minutes consumed the lesser the calling rates become. The subscriber needs to make calls worth 50 minutes (30 sec charging) and he will be given discount on his calling rate. Hence, the next call that he makes after meeting the criteria will be on a discounted rate. Upon receiving each discount you will be notified via SMS

Fast 50 is a package that will offer true value to you!

Tariff slabs of the Package – ANY NETWROK! ANY TIME!

Minutes consumed Tariff – Rs.
Less than or equal to 50 0.80
51-100 0.75
101-150 0.70
151-200 0.65
201-250 0.60
251-300 0.55
301+ 0.50

*Charging is per 30 seconds

*All prices are subject to tax

*Call setup fee of Rs. 0.10+Tax is applicable.

How it works

The package can be subscribed by the following ways:

  • # Dial *904# OR
  • Write ‘sub’ and send to 904

Terms & Conditions

  • The charging is on a 30 second pulse
  • You can enjoy the discount after one hour of meeting the criteria on billable minutes
  • Discount will be applicable till one calendar month. After completion of the month the counter will be reset


Zong Economy Package

We promise to provide our customers with the best services and offers that are transparent, simple and miles ahead of competition.

Nation Wide Tarriff

Network Price
Call Rate (All networks) Rs 1.6/min
SMS (All networks) Rs.1.30+tax
MMS (All networks) Rs. 3.00
Mobile Internet Rs. 15/MB
Unlimited SMS Rs. 2.50/day
Happy Hour Rs. 4.99 per hour
Friends and Family 5 Numbers
ZONG Friends and Family rate 50 Paisa+tax/30 Sec
  • Happy hour needs to be activated by the subscriber; every action/modification will be charged at Rs.5.
  • Friends and family rate apply for 24 hours, for those customers who have subscribed for happy hour, Friends and Family rates will not be applicable during that hour.
  • Happy hour can be modified once everyday.
  • All CED and Taxes apply.


Please note that all calls will be automatically disconnected after 59 minutes.
Call setup fee of Rs. 0.10+Tax is applicable.


Zong 45

Ladies and Gentlemen, we bring you ZONG 45, the new pre-paid package of ZONG which offers lowest call rates in the industry, with calls at 45 paisa only. We promise to provide our customers with best services and offers that are transparent, simple and miles ahead of competition; just like ZONG 45 Package

Nationwide Tariff

Charging Unit 20 Seconds Without Tax*
Voice: All networks in Pakistan 45 paisa/20 secs
SMS: All networks in Pakistan Rs. 1/SMS
MMS: All networks in Pakistan Rs. 3/MMS
Mobile Internet Rs. 10/MB
Unlimited SMS Rs. 3.99/day
Friends and Family Not Applicable
Special offers (e.g. Happy Hour, 8 Aanay, LNO, BTO, Super Free, Unlimited Free) Not Applicable

*GST of 19.5% is applicable on all rates

*Call setup fee of Rs. 0.10+Tax is applicable.

Continuing with the best call rates in the industry, Zong 45 also offers international calls at 45 paisa per call only. Now make as many international calls as you like without worrying about the rate


Charging Unit 20 Seconds Without Tax*
UK (landline) 45 paisa
USA 45 paisa
Canada 45 paisa
Saudi Arabia Rs. 4.5
UAE Rs. 4.5
Iran Rs. 4.5
Kuwait Rs. 4.5
Sri Lanka Rs. 4.5
Russia Rs. 4.5

* GST of 19.5% is applicable on all rates

Countries already included in the Promo

  • UK ( Landline), USA & Canada  { 45ps / 20 sec}
  • UAE, S. Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iran, Sri Lanka & Russia {Rs. 4.5 / 20 secs}
  • Additional countries  : Germany (LL), Ireland(LL), Spain (LL) & China (LL+M) {45PS/ 20 sec}

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