Battle Between Viber, Tango And WeChat; Wonder Who Will Win?

Battle Between Viber, Tango And WeChat; Wonder Who Will Win?

Battle Between Viber, Tango And WeChat Wonder Who Will Win

Technology innovation is making progress with leaps and bounds. What seemed like only yesterday, the smartphones were being used for sending and receiving calls and short text messages. And today, the online messaging service apps like Viber, Tango and WeChat have become such an essential part of smartphones that each of these apps, though offering more or less the same services, have been downloaded by over 10 million users apiece. In a nutshell, all three services mentioned offer instant messaging service which also includes transfer of multimedia files like images, audio files etc. and free voice and video calls between two devices, both of which should have the same app installed. But to choose which app is the best, all you need to do is read on.
Viber was first launched in 2010 as an exclusively iOS app. But it soon expanded its operations to android based systems and by 2012 it had become a popular messaging and calling app for all major operating systems like android, iOS, windows, Blackberry, Bada etc. It is easily available on the app store and can be downloaded and installed free of cost. Upon installation, it automatically uses the phone’s ID as the ID for the viber account as well, thereby eliminating the hassle of a separate account. The phone’s contact list is automatically synced with the viber account letting you see who else has an account on viber. It allows its users to share their locational settings as well.
Basically an instant messaging and calling app, what makes Tango stand out from its competitors is its Push to Talk (PTT) feature. With the help of this option, the phone is practically turned into a walkie-talkie which is a really fun way of communication. Besides this, Tango is not only supported by various operating systems like android, iOS, Windows etc. but it can also be installed in a laptop and tablet as well. This makes Tango the be all and end all of messaging apps since now even while working on your laptop you can send a message directly to someone’s phone through Tango. Up to 50 people can be connected with Tango at the same time; a social networking necessity that is a big advantage with Tango.
WeChat was launched fairly recently as compared to the other two. However, it offers some unique features which not only make it stand out from its competitors but really puts it ahead of them. The push to talk feature, live chatting and group chatting are some of the few features that users found very attractive. WeChat is also the best app for social networking with features like Look Around and Shake which help users connect with random people and make new friends. Clubbing these features with all the regular ones like video and voice calling etc. WeChat definitely seems to have very bright prospects.
The verdict remains that irrespective of which app is installed, all three apps help users in cutting down on their phone bills. They are especially beneficial for users who make a lot of international calls. Their affordability makes any of these three apps an absolute must for your smartphone.

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